Photo Album

| August/September 1993

Horsepower Witte Engine

Robert Hullfish, 15 Cold Soil Rd., Lawrenceville, New York 08648, sent the photo saying, 'This is a picture of my two horsepower Witte and a 1923 White Mountain ice cream maker.

Robert Hullfish

It took Dennis Quincy, of Lincolnshire, England, and his son three years to restore the 1899 Hornsby oil engine above, shown here at the 1991 Great Dorset Steam Fair. The engine has hot bulb ignition and burns high grade household paraffin kerosene. It was installed in a large woodworking shop, where it ran all the machinery and powered a generator for the shop lights for approximately 60 years. The photo was sent by Cornelius Bergbower, Louie Ave., Box 144, Bluford, Illinois 62814.

'We made ice cream and brought back memories for the residents of the Morris Hall Nursing Home. We served about 25 old folks their fill of ice cream on one hot July afternoon.'

It's an undisputed fact that engine collectors find it rewarding to save this old machinery from the scrap pile, and even more so to restore it to working order for display at shows and gas-ups. However, we're sure that being able to provide an afternoon of memories for these residents gave Mr. Hullfish a feeling of warmth he won't soon forget and we don't just mean from the weather!

The engine is used to power the machines inside the shed behind it. Dave Hall, 5871 Diller Rd., Sanborn, New York 14132, photographed the beautiful winter scene