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Stickney’s Governing Body

| April 2006

Gas Engine Patents of Note

Stickney gas engines first hit the market about 1899. Early engines were vertical singles (although a few larger, multi-cylinder engines are said to have been manufactured), but in 1903 the company introduced the horizontal design with which most collectors are familiar.

Stickney's new engines were eventually protected under patent no. 844,759, which was granted Feb. 19, 1907. By this time Stickney had further improved the basic engine's design. What didn't change, however, was Stickney's ingenious governing system, the primary subject of the 1907 patent.

While other manufacturers concentrated on integrated governors unique to specific engine models, Charles A. Stickney pursued a design that could be incorporated into any 4-cycle engine. At least that's what his patent claimed.

A read of the patent suggests he was looking beyond simply designing a governor for his own engines, but rather he was looking toward a design he could manufacture and sell to other engine companies.

That latter desire never bore fruit, but Stickney's unique valve/igniter/governor system became a hallmark of all his engines.