Oxford Museum Is Presented Engine

| September/October 1970

  • Kuhner Engine
    Courtesy of William N. Starkey, Route 2, Box 167, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20760
    William N. Starkey

  • Kuhner Engine

The Oxford Museum is proudly marking one more fine and interesting acquisition to its collection of tangible memories of the village. Walter Crockett and William Bringman have donated a Kuhner Engine to the museum.

This special engine was built in Oxford in 1911. At that time, at Railroad Avenue by Atlantic, the Kuhner Engine Company flourished, and the cement floor is still there. Both Crockett and Bringman worked there in the production of stationery engines for industrial use. These were made in banks of six. Kuhner also built two and four cycle marine engines.

During World War I the factory was used for the making of munitions, and shortly afterward it was permanently closed down.

The Oxford Museum welcomes visitors from 2 until 5 each Friday, Saturday and Sunday and any other time by special appointment for groups.

With permission of the Easton Publishing Company's General Manager, Stephen V. Van Cleve who edits the Star-Democrat in which this article appeared.

OXFORD ENGINE -- President Curtis Applegarth (right) of the Oxford Museum. officially presents a four-horse, approximately 400 r.p.m. Kuhner engine to one of the directors, Howard Gerhardt.