Out On Strike

| August/September 1990

  • 10 HP Stickney
    10 HP Stickney #11571 with fuel tank off.
  • The Polo model
    The Polo model.

  • 10 HP Stickney
  • The Polo model

9056 Riverside Drive Brighton, Ml 48116

Strike! That's what we did on September 1,1989. This isn't always the best way to start a month, and being a member of United Steelworkers Local 1900, it brings back memories of other strikes I've participated in that lasted from one day to 17 weeks over the last 22 years.

But this time, I had the opportunity to pursue my relatively new hobby-old engines on a full time schedule.

First, we had more shows to attend and not having to be at the mill all the time, we made four and five day trips out of them. I still had to arrange for my 'picket duty' on the off days, but somehow managed! We were having a ball, as long as the money holds out! (We don't get unemployment or anything else when out on strike.)

By the end of September the shows had run out and we had to conserve what money was left! (I got carried away and bought several pieces during September.) We couldn't afford to travel too far for the remaining shows!

So it was time to work on the newest acquisitions. The 6 HP early style Sta-Rite was done in a few days, as was the 4 HP International Famous screen cooled on nine foot skids.