Our Scratch Waterloo Boy


| March/April 1992

RtHC6,Box4 Aitkin, Minnesota 56431

In October 1988, I got possession of a skeleton of a 7 HP Model K Waterloo Boy. It had last been used as a wood splitter. The piston had been replaced by a long wedge.

My intention was to use this engine to advertise my hobby. I sat it next to my workshop figuring this spot would be the engine's permanent home.

For some reason the old engine aroused my interest more than I expected. I didn't have a problem conviricing myself that the old engine made an unattractive yard ornament. It had some things going for it, such as the timing gear was still hanging on the side. Besides, it would be more fun if the old boy would come back to life again.

It wasn't long before I took a pry bar and checked the main bearings and found them to be in good shape. The rod bearing was also nice and snug. A few days later I mixed a batch of kerosene and oil and started soaking the wedge and cylinder with this mixture. I soaked it several times a week for the next couple of weeks.

Then I unbolted the connecting rod. A few solid blows on the wedge with a steel maul loosened it, making it simple to remove.