| July/August 1967

5333 Grove City Rd. Grove City, Ohio 43123

Having just gotten acquainted with Gem, I decided to join in the fun and send in my resume of my introduction to the fascinating world of gas engines. It all started when my husband George came home and announced that he was going to purchase an old gas engine from a pumping station in southern Ohio. Natcherly, being a female and not very interested or educated in mechanics, I replied, 'What for and where are you going to put it?' I had visions of a monsterous thing taking up space in our garage which was already filled with other innumerable goodies. George patiently explained all about gas engines and their function. He also threw in a few sound effects of how an engine sounds which was really very funny. He felt that we should have one as we have several antiques and an antique engine was a must for gung-ho collectors like us.

Well, honestly, I still was unenlightened about this thing but decided to play along with George and besides that word antique did spark a little interest.

We made plans to acquire 'our engine' though a mutual friend of yours and ours, John Wilcox of Columbus, Ohio. We met John one Sunday at the Carbon Hill, Ohio, pumping station where our new toy was awaiting. We had never seen a pumping station before and we were very fascinated with the whole works. We were early so we had to wait for John and I wasn't sure I could stand anything at home that even made the slightest resemblance to all that noise. I consoled my nerves by doing a little jig called the 'gas engine rock.'

John arrived and introduced us to a very dirty greasy 1909, 6 h.p. Waterloo engine which was later to become our pride and joy. We also met Smitty, the engineer on duty who was a swell person and really helped us out later. I could tell by George's expression that he had the same thoughts as I did, how in the world were two men going to move a 1500 pound engine down off it's foundation onto the floor then up about two feet, over the door sill and up abut three more feet into our truck.

Impossible to us but not to John as he was very confident, so we put our faith and trust entirely in his hands.