Our Latest Homemade Hit 'n' Miss

| March/April 1994

Hit 'n' miss Engine

R.D.1. Box 67 Commodore, Pennsylvania 15729

There were people who looked at this hit 'n' miss engine and commented on how nicely we (my father and I) restored it, not realizing that it was homemade. After being told it wasn't an original, a slight look of amazement fell upon a few faces. The block, water hopper, connecting rod, belt pulley, and water cooled head were all cast out of aluminum. They were all originally shaped out of styrofoam, packed in casting sand, and poured. This engine has a bore of 3.580 and a 4.000 stroke. The crank we built has a 1 shaft with a 1? crank pin. We also used two sets of Tecumseh timing gears. One set to run the valve and the other to run a set of points. The flywheels were found in a local scrapyard. We had to rekey them and cut the faces down because someone welded the keyways in and used them as cart wheels. After the engine was almost done, we built a cart and a pair of oak runners for it. To top the whole thing off we added a stainless steel gas tank that runs the entire length of it, a stainless muffler, and a brass plate splash guard over the back. I thought the readers of GEM might like to see this engine, so here it is.