Our First Year

| July/August 1971

Dieselectric Plant

Courtesy of Charles and Joanne Bryan, Box 262, Springfield, South Dakota 57062.

Charles and Joanne Bryan

Springfield, South Dakota 57062

The calendar says that 365 days have passed since we began our collecting. Collecting what? Well, what else other than gas and diesel engines. A year ago Springfield was planning their Centennial and we started in earnest to prepare engines for a display during the celebration to be held on Jul 2, 3, and 4, 1970. The whole family numbering six, got involved in locating, cleaning, painting and least of all running the lot.

We began it all with a Fairbanks-Morse 'Z', which we mounted to an open-geared pump jack for a parade float. During the course of summer celebrations, it was displayed at several neighboring towns and it won a first at Tabor Czech Days.

The Centennial display consisted of 15 engines, part of which were furnished and displayed by Don Hoover of Webb, Iowa. Louis Musilek of Springfield furnished a 1? hp. John Deere, two small feed grinders and a corn shelter; and Laurel Iverson, also of Springfield, furnished a 1? hp. Cushman, all of which were operated during the display.

Since this time, we have obtained enough engines to make a sizeable display of our own, but we are grateful for the help we needed at Centennial time to make our display more interesting, more complete, and more appropriate.

Some of the engines displayed included: Witte 1? hp. logsaw, Ottawa 4 hp. logsaw, 1928 Briggs & Stratton, 1? hp. John Deere, 3 hp. Associated, 6 hp. Fairbanks, 1? hp. Fuller & Johnson, 1? hp. International. And lastly, our favorite engine, a 6 hp. Witte Dieselectric light plant which was hooked up to lights. All engines displayed were running and their 'putt-putt' drew much attention and much reminiscing from the crowd.