| January/February 1995

  • Oshkosh engine

    ''Mike'' Moyers

  • Oshkosh engine

37301 28th Avenue South #31, Federal Way, Washington 98003

This is a photo of my Oshkosh engine. I have read the articles about 'beating the bush' and looking in old barns to find gas engines, but I was spared all that effort in finding this engine. The engine was about two miles from home, near a large shopping mall between Seattle and Tacoma. Luckily all the parts were there (in a basket).

Lucky for me, the seller had disassembled the engine and had the cylinder bored and sleeved. Also, there was a new set of piston rings.

I don't know who built this engine or when.

The manufacturers apparently built engines other than Oshkosh. I know of one identical to mine, except it has Alpco in raised letters on the water hopper.

Also, in the March 1993 GEM, page 15, photo RW-1 shows an identical engine without any lettering on the water hopper. If anyone has information to offer on this engine, I will appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.