Only One Engine

| May/June 1998

The small engine

Mr. Carl Foster

Pierce Rt. 1, Box 73A Stanberry, Missouri 64489

Mr. Carl Foster of Maryville, Missouri has this little engine in his collection.

The small engine was built between 1900 and 1905 according to Elvan (Sparky) Howard of Maryville. It was made in the Jameison Machine Shop in St. Joseph, Missouri, by two men working there. Charlie Hayward and John Hockenauer had no funds to put it in production so it was given to Sparky when he was fourteen years old. He is now over ninety years old. Employees of the same company in business today have no knowledge of the engine.

It runs beautifully and looks great with some modern applications. Mr. Foster, using an oil filter case for cooling, a muffler, ignition system and dressing it up, has an engine that was never named or another made.