ONLY BIDDER Gets Engine At Auction

| March/April 1988

  • Diesel Engine

  • Diesel Engine

RR #I, Box 165, Windsor, VT. 05089.

This summer, my good friend Ed stopped by my place after attending an auction which he had gone to in order to bid on an old parts engine. As the story was told to me, the auctioneer was just about to bang the last blow of the gavel when my friend Ed spoke up and said 'What about the parts engine which was advertised?' Of course he had waited all day for the engine to go on the block and he didn't intend to go away without having a chance to bid. By now, the crowd had started for home. To make a long story short, Ed turned out to be the only bidder on the engine and, to say the least, he got a good buy. What he got turned out to be a complete 4 horse Witte. He'll do a real nice job restoring it and showing it off next summer.

Would you believe, at the same auction, my friend, Ed, had a guy back up next to him and offer to sell him another engine?

Ed allowed that he had already bought all of the goodies, which he could carry in his truck, but told the gentleman he would tell his friend about the engine as soon as he arrived home.

When I heard about the engine, I called the gentleman right away and made arrangements to meet him within the hour.

Ed and I headed out, with my pickup, and we drove up into the hills of Woodstock (I guess), and even with the most perfect directions which were given to me over the phone, I was so anxious to get there that we missed some turns, and there were many. Anyhow, we found the place and there it was still setting on the back of the gentleman's truck.