One and One-Half Horsepower Dazzle Patch

| July/August 1998

4115 S 298th Ct., Auburn, Washington 98001-2237

My interest in Dazzle Patch engines started when I purchased a number of engines from an elderly man who, at one time, was going to restore them but through time lost interest in them.

One was a very complete engine but had no tag. This was one of the first engines in this purchase to be restored, and for about three years I hauled it with my display to many shows but got no positive identification.

I subscribe to many magazines. Farm and Ranch was one and I sent in an ad. In response to this ad, I started to correspond with a person who collects 'Dan Patch' items. She sent me a couple of photocopied pages from an M. W. Savage Factories Inc. catalog. And, there it was! A picture of the engine I was trying to put a name to.

In 1995 an auction in western Minnesota was published in GEM, and my 'Air Cooled Dazzle Patch' engine was listed. I had plans to attend the show at Rollag, Minnesota, so I made sure I was there early enough to take in the auction.

The day of the auction came and my brother Jerry and I took in the auction. Some of the engines went quite high in price for what they were. When the Dazzle Patch came up, I went to my limit and that was very fast. After the auction, I talked to the person that ended up with the Dazzle Patch, if it was available. He told me to write him in the spring.