On Judging Engines

| June/July 1991

432 Colton Avenue Thomasville, Georgia 31792

I'm writing on the subject of judging engines at shows and meets. My personal opinion is that a button or small plaque for each exhibitor, instead of trophies for a few, will suffice. It is not just the fancy Ottos, Moguls, and sideshaft Domestics that make a show; it's also the many common engines: Hercules, IHC, Economys, Sattleys, plus some Maytags, Briggs, etc., some smoking, many beautifully restored, some dirty and greasy, and few that won't even run. Maybe the following will better express my sentiments.

At many Farm and Engine Meets,
And this may sound trite, I know,
I am asked to judge the engines,
For first, or second, or best of show.

I hate to turn the sponsors down,
For if the truth be known,
When I'm around these gasoline engines,
I have a problem of my own.

You see, I love all these little engines,
And each is some man's toy,
It may be all he can afford,
But it is his pride and joy.

He may have bought it as it is,
Or, perhaps, built from a little kit,
Or lovingly restored a ball of rust,
And made each part to fit.