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RD #6, Box 6369 Stroudsburg, PA. 18360

I bought this engine in 1986 from Paul Mager of Reeders,

The engine was bought new by his father and was in the family
for over 70 years. It sat outside for years with just an old car
hood over part of it. It was very weather beaten and rusty.

The first thing I had to do was sandblast it, then tear it
completely apart and start from scratch.

The wagon cart belonged to the Mackes family of Sciota, Pa. It
was in the family for many years. When I was a young boy, I used to
work on the Mackes form and help farm, and there used to be an 8HP
Foos on the cart. But when I got the cart after it had been setting
outside for many years, all that was left was the iron frame and
wheels. All the wood was rotten and I had to make all new wood
parts for it.

Then came March of 1987 and I was sick and in the hospital. And
when I got out and started to feel a little better, I would go out
in my work shop and build a wood fire and work on my engine and
cart, a little at a time.

I had my goal set. I wanted to get it finished for our local
West End Fair of Gilbert, PA which is held the last week in August
each year.

I belong to a new engine club, the Antique Engine, Tractor &
Toy Club of Kempton, PA. This was just their second year as a new
club. The display at the fair is put on by the club.

Well, I finally got it finished two days before the fair. I
worked very hard and steady all summer. But, it was worth it as I
had hundreds of people tell me what a nice job I had done on it and
how nice and smooth it runs for a 6HP engine.

I also have a wood stove in my new home, and I sawed all the
firewood with this engine, enough to last all winter.

  • Published on Feb 1, 1988
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