Old Stationary Engine

| October/November 1990

  • Gas engine

  • Gas engine

H.C. Route, Box 4l8 Motley, Minnesota 56466.

Here's a picture of a gas engine that my father used in the 1930's. He had it mounted on a 4-wheel iron wheeled wagon and had a buzz saw mounted on the wagon also, with the pulley of the buzz saw belted to the engine pulley.

My father would go around the neighborhood custom sawing fire wood for farmers. He pulled the wagon with a team of horses and when he went as far from home as seven or eight miles he would leave the 'saw-rig' at the farms and walk behind the horses to bring them home. The next day he would drive our old Model T Ford car to the place he had left the saw-rig and that farmer would pull the rig to Dad's next sawing site, usually the next neighbor down the road. This usually went on all fall and when Dad had finished the last job he would walk the horses to the last job site and bring the rig back home.

I inherited the saw-rig and still have it, though the wood parts of the wagon are rotted away. Many times through the years someone will stop in as they drive by and ask to buy the old engine. It is very precious to me and I wouldn't think of selling it. During the Depression in the 30's my dad's small wages for sawing wood often were the only income we had when the cows were 'dry' before winter calving. I don't know what kind of engine it is. Stamped on a metal plate on the engine is 'Engine No. 103008, RPM 425, HP 5E'.