| March/April 1972

Olds Gas Power Engine

Ervin A. Wiborn

Elmer Alls house, right, and helper rocking the 12 HP Hercules flywheels into compression. The largest gas engine at the Fort Allen 6th Antique Farm Equipment Association Exhibition, Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

A shot of my Olds Gas Power engine which is an 8 HP and weighs 1800 lbs. The truck is one I have built and have the engine setting on it now. I don't know what year the Olds gas power engine was built.

Here are pictures of a few items from my collection. At the top is my Duplex truck which is a 1916 2? ton, hard rubber tires. This truck is original, even the paint which is red wheels, gray frame and body, black hood and radiator. A little background of Duplex--four wheel drive on Duplex started with their first trucks in 1909. Speed is ten loaded and fifteen empty. Eight speeds forward and two reverse.