Old Marine Engines

| September/October 1998

Publisher Devereux Books is pleased to announce that a third edition of the popular Old Marine Engines became available in July. The third edition contains significant new material, including two entirely new chapters and some two dozen illustrations. The chapter on engine collecting has been completely updated, and includes the story of an exceptionally rare 1891 Daimler discovered by a dedicated old-engine man. A new final chapter has been added summarizing the story of the development of the one- lunger marine engine and where it fit into the overall engine scene. The new edition is available from Devereux Books, P.O. Box 503, Marblehead, MA 01945. Price is $34.95 plus $3 for first class postage.

Later this year, Devereux Books will also announce the publication of one of the most extensively researched and comprehensive engine histories ever published: Engines Afloat, from Early Days to D-Day. Information on this title will be released in fall 1998.