Oil Field Engine News

Forgotten Reid Engines

| June 2005

Most of the time, in fact, 99 percent of the time, when someone speaks to me about a Reid engine, they are referring to what the Joseph Reid Gas Engine Co. called the Type A. The Reid Type A features a charging cylinder and a main or drive cylinder, and operates on the 2-cycle system developed by Englishman Dugald Clerk.

The Type A must have been the most popular engine produced by Reid; the numbers of them produced are a testament to the popularity and respect it must have demanded in the oil fields as a reliable and well-built oil field power plant. Today, oil field engine enthusiasts refer to the Type A simply as a Reid engine. Most people, probably because the overwhelming majority of Reid engines in the hands of collectors are Type A, are entirely unaware that Reid sold other types and styles of engines.

Other Reids

A sales brochure on Reid diesel and gas engines (the brochure lists other Reid products for the oil field industry, but for our purposes we'll focus on the engines) lists Reid products as follows:

• Type A 2-cycle gas engines

• Type B 4-cycle gas engines

• Type CO-G 2-cycle medium- compression oil and gas engines