Oil Field Engine Society News

| April/May 2001

25 HP Cooper Bessemer

A 1994 picture of Fred Juhnke and Ray James' 25 HP Cooper Bessemer.

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This month we have a letter from Bill Tremel, who has been working on an Oilfield engine list on the World Wide Web, and also a site for the society.

He says, 'Fellow Oafs: I would like to inform not only the OAFS, but also other fellow engine collectors and enthusiasts who have the ability to use the Internet, to check out the new OFES web site. This site will be a simple reference point for anyone who is interested in oilfield engines. Currently, the web address is http://www.tremel.net/ofes. There will be links to online articles, the OFES internet mailing list, online manuals and documentation, and just about anything OAFS. Feel free to log on and take the 'Oafs' Oath and become a member of the fastest and most exciting group around.

'I would also like to mention that I keep a handful of complete original documentation for some of the most common oilfield and other antique engines online. Just go to my home page at http:www.tremel.net and checkout the online documentation. I would like to post a public message asking my fellow collectors to please help me grow this incredible resource. I would like to receive good clean copies of engine manuals. Please do not send me manuals that other vendors have created and sold. The copies that I receive MUST be original owners and operators manuals.

'Please feel free to send copies to: Bill Tremel, 90 Newman Hill Road, Clays-ville, PA 15323, or you can call me at (724) 484-0311. Thanks.'

Next, we have a story from Fred Juhnke and Roy Janes of Michigan about their Cooper Bessemer and some of their experiences; they included two photos.