Oil Field Engine News

Bradford, Pennsylvania, Engine Manufacturers

| May/June 2004

  • Superior oil field engine
    Phillip Sparks' 10 HP Superior oil field engine, complete with pumping power.
  • Oil field engine

  • Superior oil field engine
  • Oil field engine

A.C. Thomas - Two-stroke conversion cylinders. Acme Manufacturing Co. - Vertical, water-cooled combination engine and air compressors utilizing parallel, gear-driven crankshafts.

Blaisdell Machinery Co. - Succeeded by United States & Cuban Allied Works Engineering Corp. Four-stroke combination engine and compressors, two-stroke oil engines and four-stroke tandem, double-acting engines.

Bovaird & Co. - Four-stroke, horizontal sideshaft 'Superior clones,' two-stroke conversion cylinders, four-stroke, vertical air-and water-cooled and two-stroke vertical, water-cooled engines. Bovaird & Seyfang Manufacturing Co. - Four-stroke combination engines and compressors, four-stroke horizontals, two-stroke conversion cylinders, two-stroke gas and diesel horizontals and four-stroke air- and water-cooled verticals. Bradford Supply Co. - Two-stroke horizontals. Bradford later built A.C. Thomas two-stroke conversions.

'The Bradford Improved' trademark - Four-stroke combination engine and compressors, twin-cylinder and single-acting twin tandems, four-stroke horizontals.

Close & Caldwell - Built the early four-stroke horizontal engines designed by A.A. Lazier of Buffalo, N.Y. C.J. Lindberg - Small four-stroke, water-cooled verticals. Emery Machine Co. - Two-stroke combination engines and compressors and two-stroke, sideshaft horizontals. Edward Gray - Large four-stroke horizontals, single- and double-acting.

Fowler Machine Works - Four-stroke, water-cooled verticals.