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| July/August 2002

  • Oil Field Engine

  • 25 HP Superior diesel oil field engine

  • Traction pulling and bailing machine

  • Oil Field Engine
  • 25 HP Superior diesel oil field engine
  • Traction pulling and bailing machine

Harold Keller, Glouster, Ohio, wrote in response to the article on bailing rigs in the May issue, and Harold sent an old oil well supply ad for an unusual rig, the likes of which I've never seen. He also sent an interesting description of the manner in which the bailer was used to clean out oil wells, and he wrote a few words about the engines he recalls using and seeing in the oil fields in and around Perry County, Ohio. Mr. Keller writes:

'Enclosed is an illustration of a Wise pulling and bailing rig, dated 1927. We never had a Wise, but when I was a kid I remember a similar rig made on a Fordson tractor. I thought that this rig was pretty modern at the time, as back then most of the moving and pulling was done with a team of horses. The bailer that we used in the oil field was called The Acme Dart Valve Bailer. The ones we used were about 30 feet long, and the outside diameter varied with the hole size.'

Harold also sent a description of the bailer from an ad that appeared in the Oil Well Supply catalog, and the text of the ad is as follows:

'The dart valve bailer is used to remove cuttings as the hole is drilled. Generally four to six feet of hole can be drilled on each rim, but field conditions will determine the best procedure. A clean hole drills better than one filled with thick mud, although in soft formations the mud tends to prevent the hole from caving. It is sometimes better to bail only the thicker, heavier mud or cuttings found at the bottom of the hole. In this way the hole is kept in better drilling condition than if bailed clean.

Harold Keller tends to his 25 HP Superior diesel oil field engine at last year's West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival in Sisterville, W. Va.

'After each run, tools are pulled from the hole and swung aside while the bailer is used. When the bailer is lowered to the bottom of the hole the dart valve opens to permit intake of water and cuttings. The bailer is then surfaced and set down on the ground, forcing the dart valve into the bailer body and releasing water and cuttings. Occasionally, foreign matter may wedge the dart valve in the open position.

Kevin Brown_2
6/20/2010 9:56:56 PM

i got a oil city boiler works 22 hp half breed an been trying to start it an haveing no luck ive got it to hit too time an thats it i been putting the gas on 1/2 an choke on 1/2 way an comprion off would not do nothing it hit too time when it was at full choke an 3/4 gas an comprion off tryed to start it agian today with 3/4 gas choke 3/4 on an comprion valve close an tryed to bounce the piston in to see if that would get the gas to the hot tube an maybe start up but that did not work looks like i got a leaking hot tube at the gasket because fire came out there can someone e-mail me at baron5680@yahoo.com an tell me how to start this an where to get a new gasket for my hot tube thanks


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