Oil Field Engine News

Interesting Engines

| February/March 2003

I have a few interesting photos this issue, ones that I have had for a while but haven't had a chance to share.

Photo #1 shows an engine I've always thought was very unusual. It's an Ingersoll-Rand model XVG, a two-cylinder, 75 HP engine in a V configuration with a direct-connected gas compressor. This engine was used in a compressor station in the oil field compressing natural gas. It belongs to Doug Thornhill, Rossburg, Ohio, and Doug affectionately refers to this as his 'big Harley' engine.

Photo #2 shows an eight-cylinder, 1,000 HP De La Vergne gas engine. To give you some perspective of its size, that's me standing next to it, and I'm about six foot tall.

These engines are truly gargantuan, and the most amazing fact is that the owner of this engine, who wishes to remain anonymous, has four of them that he moved from a power plant where they drove electric generators. He moved all four of them, intact and without being disassembled, 15 miles.

Photo #2: 1,000 HP De La Vergne gas engine. Russell Farmer is standing at the back of the engine, lending some perspective to this engine's size.

Photo #3 shows the special trailer and rigging he constructed to move them, and the trailer's construction and size are just as impressive as the engines. I feel this gentleman deserves recognition for the work he put into saving these engines from the scrap yard, and I think most of our readers will feel the same. My thanks to him for allowing me to publish these photos.