Oil Field Engine News

Bailing Rigs in the Oil Field

| February/March 2002

The subject this month is bailing rigs. The bailing rig, as I understand it, was used to pull a long, skinny tube (or a sort of bucket) that fit in an oil well in order to remove (bail out) water. The winch apparatus, which was mounted on a common set of trucks with the engine, was used to lift this 'bailer' up the tower and out of the well. I'd like to hear from anybody out there who may have used one of these rigs, as your first-hand experiences would be interesting to me as well as our readers. I had an opportunity a couple of years ago to photograph a 2-cycle Spang bailing rig (see photo) owned by Harry Horner of Pennsboro, W.V.

Dixie Davis, 3389 Hwy. 72, Clinton, SC 29325; (864) 833-4964; mjcdavis@earthlink.net, writes in need of a flywheel for his 10 HP Bessemer. The dimensions are 52-inch diameter with a 31/2-inch face and 31/2-inch crankshaft bore. Anyone who may have a flywheel that will help get this engine running please contact Dixie Davis.

And Bud Meal, 1101 S. 104th St., Edwardsville, KS 66111, writes that he wants to correspond with anyone who can offer literature, parts or advice on the McCord make of mechanical oilers commonly used on oil field engines. Contact Bud Neal if you can help.

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