Hornsby Oil Engine

An oil engine can be a touchy beast. Here are complete instructions from one manufacturer on the care and use of theirs

| January/February 1968

The Hornsby oil engine works on the Otto Four Cycle, i.e., one explosion for two revolutions of Crank. The oil is converted into vapour by being sprayed into the hot Vaporiser. The explosion is obtained by the compression of fresh air along with the vapour already in the hot Vaporiser.

A separate plan is supplied with each Engine giving particulars for erection and diameters of pipes required.

The Vaporiser Cap End is heated by lamp before starting and is kept hot by the explosions.

The Lamp is required for starting only.

The Speed is regulated by governor acting on relief valve (see Vaporiser Valve Box, p. 15), a portion of oil delivered from pump escapes and flows back to Oil-tank, thus reducing the quantity sprayed into Vaporiser, and consequently reducing the force of explosion.

The Engine must be set level and square to its drive, bolted to a block of good hard concrete.