Ohio Engine Company Gas Engine

A reader contributes a little information about an Ohio Engine Company gas engine from the early 20th century.

| July/August 1968

We get a great deal of enjoyment and information from the Gas Engine Magazine, so we will try to do our part to keep a good thing going.

Enclosed is our story about an Ohio gas engine, 8 hp serial no. 7. The Ohio Engine Company manufactured these engines in Sandusky, Ohio from 1902 until the mid twenties. I have heard some connection existed between this company and the Brown-Cochran Company of Lorain, Ohio. According to the local old timers, old no. 7 was installed in 1906 as a used engine by the Lay Brothers Fisheries at the head of a marine railway in Sandusky. The winch, taken from the ship The Arctic, was chain driven to the engine for use on the railway. Although the engine will still run, Mr. W. L. Johnson, the present owner, plans to have it fully restored in the near future. Perhaps you are wondering why we are enclosing a picture of a fish market along with the gas engine pictures. The fish market is the former location of the Ohio Engine Company and for all these years old no. 7 has been working directly across the street from where it was built. Several other Ohio engines are still in existence in this locality.

Other engines built in Sandusky were the Vim and the Roberts, both marine type. The Roberts Company also built aeroplane motors but it was a losing game. In addition, the Roberts Company converted Model T Ford and Fordson engines to marine use and later used Model A and V 8 engines. This continued until automobile production ceased during World War II. However the last ones were known as the Johnston. About 1915-20 Dauch Mfg. Co. tractors, which were quite popular in their time, were made in Sandusky. Around 1922 or 23, there was also a Lincoln Tractor. However this venture was far from a success as very few were built. I have a listing of a Lincoln Tractor and Implement Company in Dayton, Ohio about this time, and I would appreciate receiving more information about this if anyone knows of anything. Also built in Sandusky were the Radiant and the Matthews Farm lighting plants.

In our collection we have a Moline, Centeur and Fordson tractors, about thirty-five gas engines, the remains of a Matthews light plant (the engine only), Roberts model T conversion V in marine, and a 32V866 Delco light plant.

Mr. Lyle J. Hoffmaster did an excellent job on the Marvel story. We hope some other readers can come up with something similar.


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