O Canada!

Gas engine ads from our neighbors to the north

| April 2007


'Clockwise from right: A 1904 ad from the McLachlan Gasoline Engine Co. Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario. The engine was touted as a threshing engine, 20 HP, weighing 3,200 pounds; a 1912 ad for the Canadian engine from Canadian-American Gas & Gasoline Engine Co. Ltd. of Dunnville, Ontario, then a 2-year-old company. The engines were sold through Frost & Wood Co. Ltd., of Smith’s Falls, Ontario; a 1916 ad for a Chapman engine from Ontario Wind Engine & Pump Co. Ltd. The company claimed their cam box feature saved repair cost; and a 1913 ad from McKeough & Trotter Ltd. in Chatham, Ontario. '

Over the years, Canadians have contributed a great deal to American history. Our close proximity allows for the sharing of products, not least of which were gas engines. Thanks to Ian Kinzie of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, we have some fine examples of early Canadian advertisements for one of farmers' most valuable necessities in the early 1900s.

Contact Ian Kinzie at: R.R. 33 Blair Road, Cambridge, ONT Canada N3H 4R8.