Novocycle' To Stir Your Interest

| April/May 1996

Right view of Novocycle

10-134 S.R. 110 Napoleon, Ohio 43545

These are photos of my 'Novocycle.' I am 58 years old and have been riding motorcycles since the early 1950s. About 16 years ago, I took up another hobby antique engines. My largest is a 1925 Bessemer oil field engine.

A little over a year ago I acquired a Novo single cylinder 'Rollr' engine. I think most of you readers will recognize it. It is circa 1935. It's a hopper cooled, 'L' head engine of 36 cubic inch displacement that I found easy to start and reliable. The sound it made was reminiscent of several of my old British single cylinder motorcycles. And, of the many motorcycles I have owned, they were my favorites.

I began looking around for a 'Titled' frame or basket-case motorcycle to use to build a bike out of. What you see in the pictures is what has evolved after about seven months work.

The frame is a 1970, B.S.A. 'Rocket three.' The transmission is from an early model Triumph, as well as the front forks, wheel and controls. The engine of course, is the Novo.

The primary drive system is by V belt. The handlebar mounted clutch lever controls the idler on the bottom side of the V belt. The pedal seen in front of the brake pedal is a belt tensioner. I designed it in anticipation of slipping belts, but I have rarely used it.