Novo Powered Plaster Mixer

| October/November 2001

  • ssick Plaster Mixer

  • ssick Plaster Mixer

Ken Branson, who specializes in magneto and carburetor repair for old engines, sent us a collection of old ads from a 1924 issue of American Builder. Among those was this advertisement for the Essick Plaster Mixer. Built by the Peerless Machinery Co. of Cedar Falls, Iowa, Essick mixers were available in three sizes.

Of interest to us is the Novo vertical single used to power this machine. The Novo Engine Co., Lansing, Mich., made vertical singles ranging from 1- to 10 HP. The exact size of the motor illustrated is not known. Novo engines could be ordered from the factory to run on low-grade fuels like kerosene. They would be started on gas and then continue running on kerosene.

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