Novo Engines

| October/November 1990

P.O. Box 1482 Newton, Iowa 50208.

It has been years since I have seen any large Novo engines pictured in the magazine, and I don't think the 8 and 10 HP sizes have ever been shown together in a photo. We are currently working to restore the set of Novo engines and will provide further photos and info upon completing restorations. Hope you find the photos interesting.

In the photo, Louis Tuller of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa stands with his most recent purchases, an 8 HP Novo and a 10 HP Novo. The 8 HP engine was recovered in November '89 from southcentral Kansas. The 10 HP engine was acquired in Missouri during 1988. These are the two largest single cylinder sizes offered by Novo. Acquisition of these engines completes our set of single cylinder Novo engines, ranging from 1 to 10 HP.

The above photo shows the 8 HP Novo direct geared to a Barnes High Pressure Force Pump. Pump pressure is rated 500, size 3x5. Engine is equipped with combination gas/gasoline carburetor. This pumping unit was recovered from Kansas in November 1989.