| November/December 1983

  • Novo E]ngines

  • Novo E]ngines

4481 N. Williamston, Williamston, Michigan 48895

Phil Goetz worked for the Novo Engine Company for 28 years. He found some old papers which he thought might interest owners of Novo engines. What follows is a history of the company taken from an internal sales training program.

The Novo Engine Company is an outgrowth of Cady & North, owners of a small machine repair shop in North Lansing, at the Bridge and what was then known as Franklin Avenue (now Grand River Avenue). This was 1890.

They were succeeded by Cady & Hildreth, who took up the manufacture of picket saw mills.

They in turn were succeeded by Hildreth & Son, who manufactured two cycle horizontal marine engines and small farm pumps.

The name was again changed in 1901 to Hildreth Motor & Pump Co. as being more appropriate to their line of endeavor. They continued in the building of two cycle marine engines and small farm pumps.