Nothing Special

| August/September 1991

  • Fairbanks Morse engine

  • Fairbanks Morse engine

Independence Lane Hannacroix, New York 12087

Normally, I'm not the sort of person who writes to a magazine, and would rather be part of the silent majority.

Why do we collect, restore and try to preserve old engines? Why, most people think we are crazy and that engines are nothing but scrap iron. But we know different!

My 'nothing special' engine is a Fairbanks Morse 1? hit and miss. My 'nothing special' Fair banks is special to me because it needed quite a bit of TLC (tender loving care) when I got it.

I had to do the usual restoration work and purchase the missing parts to make it run again. It had most of the original paint after it was cleaned up.

It's funny how each engine is special in its own way to its owner. Each engine has its own story to tell. Too bad they can't talk!