Not Just Another Maytag

| August/September 1992

Box 476 Brighton, Illinois 62012

In the past few years, I have seen some Maytag Twins converted to water-cooled. I decided that I would like to try and build one, but try and make it look like something that Maytag would have manufactured.

After two years of part time work, the Maytag was ready to start. At first it was temperamental, but after a few hours of fine tuning, it turned out to be a powerful and smooth running engine.

The cylinders, pistons and muffler are off an unknown outboard motor. Everything else is Maytag, with some parts slightly modified.

The cylinder bore was increased to two inches and the rods were lengthened by a half inch. The cooling tank is an old fire extinguisher, which the water thermo-siphons through the cylinders.

When I first started to show this engine, it caused quite a commotion among fellow collectors, as the serial number is EXP-0001 72DW and the cylinders have Maytag casted on them.