Northwest Ohio Antigue Machinery Assn. Show

| January/February 1975

  • Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery Association Show

    Bob Flick
  • An old 1928 Chevrolet

    E. G. Huppert

  • Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery Association Show
  • An old 1928 Chevrolet

Bluffton, Ohio 45817

Aerial photo of Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery Association Show in 1974 at Bluffton, Ohio.

Courtesy of Bob Flick, Bluffton, Ohio 45817 GF-75

As nothing is complete until the report is written, this will be a report of some of the impressions left after our show at Bluffton, Ohio.

The most outstanding memory was the thing most important to me and that is the mood of the crowd. Of course we are happy doing the thing we like but I felt the spectators enjoyed seeing us have fun. At another earlier show I overheard a lady ask her friend if they were going to Bluffton. Oh yes she said 'Bluffton is different'. And that is how we at Bluffton plan it.

We realize that some men and women never tire of hearing engines running, but some do, so we had in continuous operation a wide array of old time crafts. The craft show was organized and operated by the untiring effort of Jean Ream of Bluffton.