Newcomer To the Hobby

| December/January 1994

R.R. 1, Box 237 Kerhonkson, New York 12446

I am 26 years of age and I have always had an interest in antique engines and tractors and attended a few engine shows since I was a teenager.

In October, 1993, I purchased my first engine at the antique car show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, at the Fall Meet. It was a 1 HP McCormick-Deering, Type M, Serial AW 1068. I was not sure exactly how everything worked on it. It steered okay, and all the parts were there under all that dust and oil. I asked the man if it ran. He said it had run a few years ago, so I made a deal with him, loaded it on my truck and took it home, where I unloaded it in front of the garage door.

When my parents got home, my mother asked, 'What's that old thing?' My father said, 'It's an engine.' He looked it over for some time. I told him all about it and he said, 'We'll see if we can get it to run next weekend.'

During the week my father and I degreased it and got all the parts working smoothly, but it did take a couple of days. The following weekend finally came for the big test. Will it run or not? We poured some gas in the carburetor and I started to crank it over. After a few more cranks smoke started to come out of the muffler. After some more cranking, all of a sudden bang! It went! And it started to run. I ran to my mother to show her.

Over the winter months I completely went over everything and replaced anything that needed to be replaced with the help of my father and Hit & Miss Enterprises. I then painted part after part and put it back together.