New Way Jewels

| November/December 1986

Cover of New Way Catalog

Striping and detailing are significant features of New-Way engines, manufactured by the New-Way Motor Company of Lansing, Michigan.

Richard Babbitt, of RFD 2, Box 95, Voluntown, CT 06384 owns the 1915 New-Way catalog from which we show excerpts on these two pages.

The catalog is described in the accompanying letter from the Stephen B. Church firm, which quotes 1915 prices for some of the products.

In addition to the color and detail we've shown from the pages, readers may be interested in a section on outfit numbers from the catalog, which we quote:

'X' outfits Ignition by gear driven National high tension magneto. 'M' outfits Ignition by gear driven Bosch high tension magneto. 'K outfits Ignition by dry cell battery. 'F' indicates Gear driven force feed oiler. 'H' indicates New' Way Jewel engines.

The first figure of outfit number (except outfits listed less engines) indicates the horse power of the engine as 2 means 2 HP. In case of the 12 HP the first two figures, or '12' means 12 HP.