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The pictures on this page are of Judson Tracy’s 12 HP New
Way twin cylinder, opposed, air cooled engine and the identity of
the three gentle-men

This three pictures of my 12 HP New Way twin cylinder, opposed,
air cooled engine. It is Type ‘C’, Model ‘L’, #727.
This engine was purchased new in 1916 by the father of Frank
Hilbert, New Rockford, North Dakota. It was used to run a line
shaft in their farm grain elevator. The elevator building was torn
down in 1950 and the engine was pulled outside and it sat there
until I purchased it in August of 1986. It was complete in every
respect but someone had used a spark plug from it and forgot to
plug the hole-need I say more. We had quite an experience removing
the piston and not doing any damage to the cylinder. Snow and rain
had gotten into the engine through the open gear that drives the
National mag. Lots of gears rusted out and the one cam action had
to be rebuilt completely.

With the help of my friends, Harold Schmid and Howard Slater,
the engine is now completely restored and is a real ‘crowd
pleaser’ at whatever show we take it.

In the picture of the three men, Harold Schmid is on the right,
Frank Hilbert in the center and myself. This was taken at the Steam
Threshers Show in New Rockford, North Dakota and the other picture
showing the ‘working side’ of the engine was taken at the
North Dakota Engine Show at Egeland, North Dakota.

New Way made the twin cylinder engines in 7 HP, 8 HP and 12 HP
models. There aren’t too many of the 12 HP models around and I
would like to correspond with anyone else that has one. Mr. John
Ritter told me one time that he nearly had a deal made with a
collector in New York (I believe) but it fell through.

  • Published on Jul 1, 1989
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