| May/June 1988

1215 jays Dr., N.E., Salem, OR 97303

The following might be good for some shows to look at as an addition.

At the Great Oregon Steam-Up we did something this year that was quite interesting. Tom Street of Bend, Oregon came up with the idea of the 'Great Tick Over'. This is quite a novel idea and made a great addition to the show. It is a contest to find the slowest running engine, by classes. A traveling trophy is awarded to the slowest running engine entered without regard to size. Recognition is also given to those winning in their respective class.

Eng. Sz.

Type of Engine


2 HP & under

2 HP Sparta Economy

160 rpm

3 HP

3 HP Daniel Best

99.5 rpm

4 HP

4 HP Stover Freeport

104 rpm

5-6 HP

5 HP Economy

240 rpm

7-8 HP

No entries


9-10 HP

9 HP Hornsby-Akroyd

43 rpm

11-20 HP

15 HP IHC Famous

57 rpm

Over 20 HP

50 HP Foos

27.5 rpm**


Fairbanks-Morse 'N'

297 rpm

** Travelling Trophy

This is something that can really tax a person trying to figure out how to get the rpm down as low as it will go and not stall the engine.

Some of the other engines that were entered are as follows:

1.5 HP

Root & Vandervort

194.5 rpm

2 HP

Regal Marine

432 rpm

2.5 HP


131 rpm

2.5 HP


172 rpm

4 HP

John Thompson

177 rpm

10 HP

Schilling & Sons

158 rpm

15 HP

F-M 'Y' modified

77 rpm

60 HP


40 rpm