National Motors, Gas and Gasoline

| June/July 1994

  • Made in 3, 4, 6, and 8 HP'
    Made in 3, 4, 6, and 8 HP

  • Made in 3, 4, 6, and 8 HP'

The following text has been translated from advertising literature published by National Farm Machinery Co. of Montamagny, Quebec, about 1921. The literature was translated from the original French by students in the Petitcodiac Regional High School in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, where Donald Taylor teaches.

The National engine, which won the gold medal at the last Provincial Exposition, is so superior that it's not necessary to demonstrate. It has proven this by how it is fabricated as well as by its principles and how it functions. It leaves all the other machines on the market today far behind.

General advantages of the National engine. The mechanisms of our engines are simple. Everyone with a little attention, even without experience, can succeed in making it work. Also, we make a machine that costs almost nothing and is so inexpensive to run that all those who need more power just can't pass up a National engine. Superior material. Our engines are built from the best materials, by workers with great experience and are sold by responsible agents and manufacturers. They are, in the highest degree, built solidly, efficient, resistant, and they have a simple mechanical structure.

Scientific service. Our chemists are doing every detailed analysis of all the pieces in the engine. Before it leaves the factory it undergoes a service inspection. They are not shipped out of the factory until the inspector certifies that the construction is done perfectly and that it produces a surplus of power.

Economy of the combustion. Because of the simplicity of the models and the perfect balance of the parts of our engine, the length of the piston, the size of the iron wedges, the appropriate weight of the flywheels, the precision and minute drilling of the piston rings and the force of the shaft; thanks also to our method of holding the combustion charge ready for exhaust by the valve, the attention that we give to the general construction and to several other points described later on, our motors are without contest the most economical ever built in this country. Our clients who already have a National motor know that their machines painlessly pay for themselves in no time by the economy of the combustion.

Base. Like the foundation of a. house, the base of the motor is essential for it to last. In our motor, it is separated from the cylinder, the surface is smooth to receive it, and the sub-base is bolted solidly to assure perfect alignment. This base is exceptionally large to conserve the rigidity of the iron that will not move under load.