National Engine Found in Dieppe

| June/July 1994

The engine as found

The engine as found. Reg Ward at right, the author at left.

RR 2, (Dobson's Corner) Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada EOA 3E0

On June 19, 1992 a friend of mine, Reg Ward, invited me to take a short trip to look at some old engines and other machinery. Our first stop was to be in Dieppe, near Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, only a few blocks from Reg's home.

Reg has bought and sold many old engines in the past 30 years, so I readily accepted his invitation, although I doubted the existence of an interesting engine so close to home. I was quite sure there would not be one for sale. Most of the old engines in this area have gone to scrap yards or collectors long ago.

To my surprise, the engine in Dieppe was an 8 HP National built in the Province of Quebec. Except for a missing magneto, a broken magneto bracket and a broken throttle rod, the engine was complete and to add to the interest, not to mention challenge, the water hopper was filled with mud, which once supported flowers to brighten the backyard where the engine sat.

The owner was not at home, but on a second visit a few days later a deal was made. He said that the engine had been bought new by his grandfather, probably in the early 1920s.

A few weeks later a town crew installing water pipes beneath a nearby street agreed to use their machine to lift the engine if I could move it to the edge of the street. An hour's work with a come-along, planks and rollers moved the engine about 50 feet, and in minutes the engine was on the back of my 1968 three-quarter ton International.