National Cathedral Engine Running!

| April/May 2001


In the December 2000 GEM, on page 35, there was a request from the National Cathedral for help getting their engine running which they used to pull an 1860 carousel. I called Patricia Cate, the contact in the article, and exchanged several e-mails with her and Bill Patterson, facilities services operations manager, and with several 'engine minded' friends. From the e-mails and attached photos, it was obvious that the engine was not nearly as old as they thought, but was a flat head Wisconsin V-4, our guess of '50s vintage.

On December 11, 2000, we went up and checked out the engine. The model plate was missing, but it was in good condition. The forwarded e-mail below is a recap of what we found, did, and recommended. John Donley, Tony Hawker, and I were from the Dale City/-Woodbridge, Virginia area. Jim Gray and Clem Clements, members of the local A Model Club, were from the Burke Lake area. All of us got a piece of the action and were very satisfied to leave the engine in good running order.

I have included pictures of the engine perhaps someone can identify the model for us which would help in acquiring the parts to convert it to electric start.

Forwarded message from Harold H. Howard ( to on Mon, 11 Dec 2000. Subject: V-4 Wisconsin Recap

Patricia, Bill,We all had fun getting the Wisconsin running today. As we had hoped it only took a few minor adjustments to put the engine in good running order. Wanted to recap what we did for you, how we left the engine, and Tony's work on the starter.