Mysterious Vertical Engine

| March/April 1998

Vertical Engine

David Motz

9138 Farrington Ct. Elk Grove, California 95624

These are pictures of my vertical engine of unknown make. The bottom end closely resembles a Cushman but is not identical. The gear drive and water pump on the engine were taken from a Cushman but had to be modified slightly to fit the side plate of the engine. The cylinder and head are not like any Cushman I have seen. There is a clutch and chain sprocket behind the belt pulley. Ignition is by spark plug and buzz coil. Both valves are operated by cam and pushrod.

I acquired the engine without the water pump, gear drive unit, and Schebler carburetor. Otherwise it was complete and in good condition, although the manifold is evidently homemade and the clutch is frozen. It runs well and has so much compression I have to hold it and let some of the compression bleed off before I can flip it.

I have not found any name or numbers on it. When I display this engine I always leave the rocker cover on it hoping someone will recognize the unique shape. Can anyone tell me the manufacturer and age of this engine?