My Wife Dared Me To Send It In

| December/January 1991

  • Taylor vacuum engine

  • Taylor vacuum engine

Independence Lane, Hannacroix, New York 12087.

In reference to the picture and article in May 1991, page 17, of Gas Engine Magazine, I thought maybe you might be interested in my 'furniture'. My wife dared me to send this in!

The engine is a 1928 Taylor vacuum engine. It 'sleeps' in the house all year long except for two shows in the fall.

'Miss Taylor', as my daughter calls it, is very quiet and does not interfere in family matters.

My wife has even dusted and polished it before we have company along with the other furniture. I think it looks fine in the living room, but the rest of the family is still not sure.

There are lots of us engine nuts around!