My Two Cylinder LeRoi

| January/February 1989

  • Two Cylinder LeRoi

  • Two Cylinder LeRoi

400 4th St. S.W. Watertown, South Dakota 57201

Several years ago I purchased an engine at an auction near Ipswitch, South Dakota that was listed on the sale bill as a two cylinder LeRoi.

In its earlier day it powered a generator, and no doubt it was a very reliable light plant unit for many years. This summer I decided it was about time to try to restore this old engine as I had been walking around it in my garage long enough.

When I removed the head from this engine I was surprised to see both pistons were on top. I turned the flywheel to watch both pistons go down at the same time. Now I knew I had to get this old engine running again!

I had the valves ground, new valve guides installed, new rings, the radiator cleaned and repaired. The head had to be planed as it was warped. Nowhere was there any nameplate to identify the make of the engine. The magneto is a Fairbanks Morse with an impulse. The carburetor is a Zenith. Both were dismantled, cleaned and adjusted, and with the help of an Early Day mechanic we got it running again.

To hear a two cylinder engine sound like a four cylinder is something different.