My Second Compressor

| November/December 1989

3012 S. Catherine Street, Lansing, Michigan 48911

I saw this little air compressor for sale at the Urbana, Ohio show in 1986. The man who had it told me he saw one just like it made into a gas engine down in Florida. I thought if they can make one so can I. It is a Brunner air compressor made in Utica, New York. It has a 17/8' bore and a 2' stroke. It took me two years to find the 10' flywheels for it. I found all the parts I needed so I started on it in October 1988. I welded a piece of steel on one end of the crankshaft and turned it down on my lathe. I made it undersize on the mains and made two brass main bearings. I drilled a ?' hole through the bearings and put a dowel in each one. I reworked the air compressor head and used the valves from a Lauson engine. I used the timing gears from the same engine. I made a ?' adapter for the head and used a 10 mm spark plug. I made a bracket to hold a model T coil inside the base. The governor is made from scrap steel and a piece of brass. The muffler is made from a brass knob from a horse harness. I used a brass petcock for the choke and a needle valve from a lawn mower and a piece of brass for the carburetor. I used silver solder and a brass fitting and a piece of 3' copper pipe for the gas tank. I had a lot of fun making it. It starts and runs very nice. I will have a lot more fun running it at the shows this summer.