My Root & VanDervoort

| September/October 1992

RR Box 2120

New Sharon, Maine 04955, these are a couple of pictures of an engine I have restored. It is a Root & VanDervoort screen cooled. It's very dependable and runs well. It is started by rotating the balance wheels about six or eight inches, in reverse, against compression.

This engine had not been run in about 30 years that I know of. It was down in the ground. I had to make new-skids before I could load it. The exhaust valve was replaced. The piston was stuck and rings were stuck also. The tank had about four quarts of rust and dirt, etc. The ignitor needed cleaning, and with new springs and firing up, it runs very well. It runs well at about 150 r.p.m.

Off and on it took about three months to fix. My good neighbors, the Fitches, made this possible by their generosity.