| December/January 1998

  • 15 HP Pattin Brothers engine
    My 15 HP Pattin Brothers engine at the Western Illinois Threshers Bee.
  • Meredith Toland of Rushville
    Rob Coyle presenting Meredith Toland of Rushville, Illinois, the feature engine plaque at Western Illinois Threshers.

  • 15 HP Pattin Brothers engine
  • Meredith Toland of Rushville

2090 Keokuk Street #71 Hamilton, Illinois 62341-1200

This is my 15 HP Pattin Bros, engine number 2537, built in Marietta, Ohio. It's a two-cycle engine of crosshead design with hot tube ignition and operates on LP gas. This engine is believed to have powered a cotton mill down in Alabama.

After assembling the front half of the engine, lots of scraping, priming, painting, and many turns of the flywheels, I have it starting and running just fine.

I'd like to thank John Preston in Michigan, Roy Namchick in Illinois, and everyone else who answered my requests in GEM for help. Also, I want to thank Fred Buckart and his boys for setting the Patton onto a new trailer.

Finally, I'd like to thank all my engine exhibitors who turned out for the 31st annual Western Illinois Threshers Bee, which is always the first full weekend in August.

Next year we'll be featuring Maytag engines. Thanks again, everyone, and I'll see ya at the shows!