My New Way Engine

| December/January 1990

  • New Way engine

  • New Way engine

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Sometime last year I purchased a rusty but free New Way engine. The first time I showed it to a friend he said, 'Now remember, turn that flywheel towards the cylinder when you start it.'

Bill Mort's New Way was a sight for sore eyes. (See Reflections, August 1990 GEM, page 3, #25/8/7.) I had been waiting for someone to come up with one like mine. The top of the cylinder is flat. The ones I have seen have rounded outside edges of the head end of the cylinder. The only difference is that mine has a straight tube with butterfly for a carburetor. It works great.

I was like Bill this past year wondering, 'What is the HP?' I had no fan or bracket on mine, but I have made one thanks to my friend Ken Byers who has a machine shop and experience.

Another friend in our club, Bob Brown, sent me a copy of my series 'J' instructions and parts list. I noticed during cleaning of the engine that each part had two letters and two numbers on it. I checked the parts list and they matched the part numbers. That was great until I found that the different HPs listed had the same part numbers. Wrong. When I checked the cylinder part numbers they were all different. That was great. Mine is a 2? HP.

Here is the information: