A Perfect End To A Perfect Summer

| November/December 1983

  • Gas Engine

  • Gas Engine

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We were getting into the fall of '82 and things were gearing down from the summer.

We had made it to six shows, being exhibitors at four of them. This being my second summer as a Gas Engine Man (G.E.M.), I was still recalling all that I had seen. I am still sure I missed something in Portland.

So here we are sitting here looking out at the cold and going over the memories of swapping and trading and trying not to buy. With that in mind I acquired 3 Fairmonts, 1 Witte, with sprayer pum, Maytag washing machine (that really works), 1 McCormick Deering and 1 for parts, 1 B & S (overhead rocker arm model), 1 Wright power saw and, best of all, a 1 HP Mogul.

The Mogul was located by a friend who has a mild interest in engines (hasn't really got the bug yet). He came to the house and told me that he had talked to a fella who had an International engine that he had sitting in the barn forever, and he might sell it.

The first thing I thought of was an L.A. or L.B.