My Mogul

| May/June 1992

1 HP Mogul Engineg

Jim O'Connell

P.O. Box 142 Kingman, Kansas 67068

Monday morning dawned dark and rainy; no matter, a little rain won't stop an engine hunting trip. Heading west on US 54 towards Pratt, Kansas the road was quite wet. It was a good thing it was springtime (May 1991) and no ice on the roads.

I must go back seven years, to March 1984, to tell the real beginning of this story. I had heard of a place just southwest of Pratt that had tractors, engines, etc. Being new to the hobby at the time (I was introduced to it in the fall of 1983), I was very excited about going to this place, even during an ice storm. Cars were in ditches, ice was hanging on everything, and here were my friend Erik and I going engine hunting! Anything for old engines, right?

Well, we made it to the place okay and found the owner, Glen. He drove us up on the 'hill,' in a pasture north of the house, and showed us his many tractors and other old relics of the past. I spotted a rough 1? IHC M. Glen said that he had one more just like it and would sell them both to me for one price. I decided to buy them, so Erik and I loaded them up and headed back to Glen's farmyard. Once there, Glen asked us if we would like to see his 'good' engines. He walked over behind some outbuildings and showed us three or four round stock tanks turned upside-down. Glen then told us to look under them. We did, of course, and found the usual LA's and LB's, FM, etc. Then under another tank, one engine caught my eye, a 1 HP Mogul. I still remember that first sight of the brass nameplate, mag, etc. I wouldn't even have known what a Mogul was if it wasn't for an article in my very first copy of GEM, November/December 1983. The article told of a collector who found a 1 HP Mogul in the dark corner of a barn. The engine was also pictured.

Anyway, having spent my money, I knew the Mogul was way out of reach. I also noticed two other engines that I never forgot: a Union Giant, manufactured in Ottawa, Kansas, and a Waterloo Boy. I went home happy that day though, with my old IHC M's.

Over the years that followed, I could never forget the sight of that little Mogul. It wasn't until my first show in Pawnee, Oklahoma in 1984 that I found out just how nice Mogul engines were. But for seven years I never did get back out to Glen's. It always seemed that I kept my money spent at a show or something.