| March/April 1992

  • 6 HP Galloway Engine

  • 6 HP Galloway Engine

 45 Prentice St., Taftville, Connecticut 06380

I've been collecting gas engines for about nine years, and during that time I've had some thirty engines. Some I liked and some I bought to trade or sell, to get something I liked.

About two years ago, I found something I really liked. It was a 6 HP Galloway Masterpiece Six mounted on what was left of a saw rig carriage. The exterior of the engine was extremely rusted. Surprisingly, the piston was not stuck, but the rings were stuck to the piston. After hauling the engine home and disassembling it, I found the only way to free the ignitor and piston rings was to boil the two in oil, in a cast iron pot, outside. This method proves to be very effective on parts that are rusted badly, and was taught to me by a very good friend.

After all the freeing up was done, it was time to start it up and start it DID, and it ran very smoothly. This Galloway runs counter-clockwise.

I always like to run any engine for awhile, to get all the bugs out before any paint is applied. My next step was to rebuild the saw rig. For that, I used all native oak. After the carriage was finished, I did the sanding, priming, painting and pin striping and finished it to its present condition.

The entire project took three months of spare evenings and weekends and I'm very pleased with the results.